We’ve been dishing out tasty pizza on Edgewood Avenue in the Old 4th Ward since 2004.  Hear what some of our customers have to say: 

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I was about to order from Pizza Hut when a friend of mind encouraged me to try this place instead. I ordered a medium cheese pizza and a 10 piece order of hot wings. It arrived in about 20 minutes. Cost me about $19. It was well worth it. The wings were actually hot!! The pizza was awesome, the cheese was gooey, the crust was delicious. All in all this is pretty much my new Atlanta pizza spot.

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The pizza is reminiscent of what you’d get in New York. Thin crust, the best kind of greasy, set in a pizzeria that isn’t much to look at, but it gets the job done. Great drunk food, stays open late, but is just as good when you’re sober in the daytime.

The next time I went, I opted for the feta and spinach and let me tell you: for me to choose a vegetarian option having a truly unholy love of pork, you gotta know, this stuff is good.

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All hail the King!!!!
So scout mob had me seek this place out on a Saturday afternoon. First off if there is a free spot you can park in  front or across the street beyond that parking not so great around this area.  The interior isn’t much to look at the lack of customer service makes it like NY [doesn’t it?] The pizza is pretty decent & the king slice is about as big as your head.


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